Brembo Original

Welcome to the unique and original world of Brembo products.

Please verify that your “Brembo Racing” and “Brembo High Performance” products are authentic.

Please fill in the following fields to verify the authenticity of the products you have purchased

Warning! If the packaging of your Brembo Racing or Brembo High Performance products did not include a Brembo Card you have not purchased an original Brembo product. If this is the case, send an email to immediately and provide all the information you hold on the product and the relevant reseller.

Only Brembo Racing and Brembo High Performance products are sold with the Brembo Card so that you may verify the authenticity of your purchase. If you have purchased a Brembo product that is not part of the Brembo Racing or Brembo High Performance range, you needn’t worry, we do not include any card in the packaging of these products.